7 Ways You Can Benefit from Having a Positive Attitude

There are a range of benefits to be gained from maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude.  Scientific evidence has shown that there are a number of benefits to optimism and a positive attitude.

Believe In Yourself

Here are 7 ways in which you can benefit from having a positive attitude:

1. Your Immune System is Boosted

Numerous studies have shown that having an optimistic or positive outlook can have positive effect on your short term health. In fact, studies have shown that positive people show a better immune response to infectious diseases  than pessimistic persons, meaning that people with positive attitudes are less susceptible to illness and are able to recover more quickly from many infectious diseases than their pessimistic peers.

2. Your Life is Prolonged

Positive attitudes have also been shown to lengthen your life span. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, those with a positive outlook are more likely to outlive those with negative mindsets. Although there is no definitive answer as to why people with positive attitudes experience this  benefit, scientists have theorized that it may be that positive people are more likely to live healthy lifestyles, or that positive people are under less stress, and experience fewer of the harmful effects that stress has on the body. As a result, positive people are less likely to suffer from diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer that cut many people’s lives short.

3. You’re Less Stressed Out

People with a positive outlook are less likely to be stressed, and recover from stress more quickly than those with pessimistic attitudes. People with positive attitudes are less likely to dwell on negative aspects of their life and therefore less likely to become stressed out when negative events do occur. Not only that, but people with positive attitudes are more likely to use “silver lining” thinking, where they are able to take positives from stressful events.

4. You are More Confident

People who have a positive outlook often feel more confident and have higher self esteem than those with negative mindsets. People with positive attitudes often have high levels of self-confidence and a belief in their ability to control situations that they are in. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones about yourself, you will find that your self-confidence will suddenly blossom.

5. You Have Better Mental Health

Having a positive attitude is associated with having fewer mental health issues. In fact, according to one study by the Mayo Clinic, pessimists were more likely to suffer from depression. Not only that, but one study shows that teaching people to be more optimistic can actually significantly decrease the level of depression that a person may be facing. In other words, being optimistic means that you feel better about yourself and others. A positive attitude has also been known to improve other mental issues such as anxiety and general distress.

6. You build new skills

Having a positive attitude makes it easier for you to build new skills and resources. This is known as the “broaden and build” theory, because positive emotions broaden your sense of possibilities and open you to new experiences, encouraging you to build new skills and gain expertise. In contrast, negative emotions encourage you to not try new things because of the threat they may pose, thus stunting your emotional and personal development.

7. You have better relationships

People with positive attitudes have bigger social circles and closer personal relationships than those with negative mindsets. Because of a positive mindset, positive people are more likely to actively seek to enlarge their social circles, and also are more comfortable with forming tight knit bonds that persons with negative mindsets may be uncomfortable with.

Having a positive and optimistic attitude can have a major positive effect on both psychical and psychological well-being. A number of studies have shown that positive attitudes are closely linked with a number of benefits such as better long term and short term physical health and better mental health. In addition, being positive also allows you to unlock your true potential and become a well-rounded individual. If you’re not a positive person, it is important to try to turn things around for your own well-being. Simple things such as surrounding yourself with positive people and identifying areas to think more positively about are important to be able to reap the benefits of a positive mindset.