The Cries for Inspirational Leadership (Part 2)

Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving ~ Jesse Jackson

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Leadership is influence. As the leader your words and action will undoubtably have some influence over your followers. You inspire action in others.

Now here’s the question, who or what inspires you to stand out and take your place as a leader? Is there anyone in your world who stand out as role model for the type of leader you aspire to be? There is a global cry for inspired leaders to stand up and take their stand. Leadership role models are needed at all levels in government, business and in not for profits.

About Inspirational Leadership

  1. Intuition

Inspirational leaders are intuitive and learn to trust their instincts. This is not to say that guesswork or the roll of the dice is the hall mark of their leadership. But that they subject their hunch or gut feeling to other confirmatory tests in making the right calls or decisions. This kind of sets you apart because you arrive at a different and unique conclusion based on the facts presented.

  1. Positive attitude

Another characteristic of inspired leaders is their positive attitude. Everyone wants to be around a person with a positive attitude. So a positive attitude is like a magnet that attracts people towards you. Likewise a negative attitude will drive positive people away from you. So take negativity out of your life. Steer clear of those who drag other people down because they will be a dragging force in your life.

  1. Aptitude

Your skills, ability and proficiency for the tasks ahead will project your personal disposition and capacity to influence more people, provide direction and solve problems in the workplace. There is no need to know everything about your business or industry. You only need to have a handle on the information and knowledge that gives you an edge over others.

  1. Personal Character

Your personal character, temperament, reputation, integrity and humility will enhance whatever leadership skills you have or have developed.

  1. Experience

The stories that people hear of your experience and tenacity can make the inspirational leader stand out larger than life. Experience build capacity and confidence

The real essence of inspirational leadership is to know to deploy your leadership skills, knowledge and experience in ways that would build others up. The highpoint of inspirational leadership is therefore continuos knowledge transfer to others around you and supporting you. This is carried out through your coaching, mentoring and other people developing activities that you carry out.