Lessons from the Pickle’s Puncture

The Pickle's Puncture
Or could it be that,
We’ve become so conditioned to our current pleasure,
We so much enjoy our daily leisure,
The toil a constant life feature,
That the thirst for a new challenge is nothing to treasure.


Ever so often, our minds face the challenge of a re-capture,
Suddenly expectations suffer the pickle of a puncture,
Again a circumstance has pressured us into growth and to mature.


It is more about the lessons we learn,
From the challenges we are faced with and the good fortune from the achievements.
Remaining number one, is more challenging than gaining the coveted spot.
Defending a championship is often tougher than attaining the championship crown.


Even in our daily lives, at work, in academics, in business, as professionals, how often do we maintain focus on the benchmark against the competition, how do we measure against the chart of self improvement or at the basic level where are we in February against those self-proclaimed New Year standards.


The lesson from the pickle’s puncture may be a stimulating experience which we actively desire to re-live, but it may also be a jolt back to reality from a painful experience which we would prefer if it had not happened.


Nature serves us doses of both stimulating and painful experiences through life. It is easier to imagine that those held by society as successful in any endeavour had it all easy and rosy, a close encounter with the same people would soon challenge you to higher heights; you learn that investors lose on some investments within their portfolio, though the star investments make-up for the loses. Not all movies by today’s Oscar winning producer or famous actor was received with the wide public acclaim reserved for block busters. The Olympic golden athlete lost in some competitions, the high flying CEO was not the chosen candidate for some lesser roles in the past.


The empowering lessons learnt through life’s journey from the pickle’s puncture  makes the difference to the future if we apply ourselves to the inherent lessons.


So rather than focus on the circumstance, whether stimulating or painful, gain strength from the lessons learnt.