Ideas To Action Challenge

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one of better ideas or abilities, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s idea, to take a calculated risk –  and to act. Andre Malraux

Inventory of Ideas

Have you got the courage to join me on a journey that could change your life forever? Yes change your life forever.

Ideas to action is all about you taking action on your dreams.

Think for a minute what would happen if you took action on your ideas? While you may not emerged as the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, you certainly will end up better off than you are today. You will have a wealth of experience that will make your chances of success in your next endevour greater than it is at the moment. You will learn valuable lessons along the way. You will know what works and what does not. And there is the odd chance that you could turn out to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

The Story of Alan

Alan is employed but hates his job. He knows for certain that he is capable of a lot more than he is doing at the moment. For many years, Alan wished he could start his own business, but he did not have the courage to quit his current job and start. So he remains at his job.

Alan has read many books on how to start a business. Alan has attended several courses on starting your own business. Alan has written several business plans. Non of them detailed. But nonetheless they would pass the good business plan test. Alan has never taken action on any of his business ideas so he cannot be sure which business would work.

Alan continues to remain a grumpy employee who believes he and not his boss should be leading the department.

The Story of Joe

Building Your Thinking Power

Joe is self employed and works crazy hours. He has to. Joe is very good at what he does. All of Joe’s work comes from customer recommendation. Joe knows that to grow his business, he needs to take on additional help. But Joe is hunted by the thought of training someone up only for that person to run off with some of his customers. So he takes no action.

Three years on, Joe is still self employed. He has increased his hourly rate so his income and his taxes have increased. Joe hasn’t had a holiday in the last three years.

The Story of Helen

Helen is an ambitious individual who has toyed with the idea of doing something new and different for the last two years. She enjoys her work, but knows that there is much more to her life than what her job offers.

Helen carries a note book with her at all times. That”s where she writes all her thoughts and ideas.

Helen is aware of the need to reduce the numbers of hours she works in her present job to create time to work on her ideas. Yet the thought of a reduced pay cheque against the backdrop of increasing expenses holds her back from taking action on her ideas.

Helen is still gainfully employed in a job she loves. Once in a while she wishes she was doing something else.

Your Story

What’s your story? Have you got any ideas, dreams or projects which if you succeed in implementing in the next 12 months will make a big difference in your life? If yes, then consider taking the ideas to action challenge.

Watch this space.

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