How to Set and Implement Your Personal Goals

Before we talk about the benefits of having goals, let me ask you this question? Have you got things you want to achieve with your life? These are goals. So why not take some time to write them down.

How to Set and implement Your Personal Goals

Setting goals, and figuring out how you are going to achieve those goals, is important in ensuring that you are successful in all areas of your life.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals ~ Henry David Thoreau

Benefits of goal setting

So here are some of the benefits of goal setting: goal setting can provide a number of benefits. These include:

1. Clarity and Focus

By setting goals, you narrow your focus on action that is relevant to achieving your goals, ensuring that you waste as little time as possible on action that does nothing in helping you progress towards attaining your goals.

2. Increased effort

Goal setting encourages you to increase the amount of effort  you put in to achieving your goals. Since you have a clearer idea of what you want to achieve through goal setting, you are therefore more likely to put in the extra effort to strengthen your chances of reaching those goals.

3. Increased Persistence

You are more likely to persist at working towards a set goal, and less likely to drop out if you meet setbacks. Setbacks give you an opportunity to review your goals. If the goals are still relevant, your setback can become a stepping stone to achieving your goal.

4. Less stress and anxiety

Goal setting removes the stress associated with not knowing what you want to achieve in life. By charting your goals, you are much better able to control your future, meaning that you don’t suffer much of the stress and uncertainty about your future direction.

5. A happier outlook

People who set goals end up being happier than those who don’t due to the fact that they feel a higher sense of purpose and control in their lives.

6. Increased self-esteem

Setting goals allows you to boost your self-esteem. With set goals, you receive a boost from making concrete progress and achieving your short term and medium term goals, You get a sense of achievement by meeting your shorter term goals/

So how do you go about setting and implementing your goals?

Setting Goals

While by no means easy, the process of setting and implementing your goals can be best achieved by taking the following steps:

#1. Figure out what you truly want with your life

Knowing what you want to achieve is the first and most important step in setting your goals.  Have a vision for your life. Visualise where you want to be at various stages of your life and the relevant goals that you would have liked to achieve. Remember, it’s important to set goals that are important to you personally and not others.

#2. Break it down

It is important to break down your big goals into smaller steps. These steps are your shorter term objectives. Breaking down larger goals into smaller ones also make it easier to create action plans on how you will achieve your goals.

#3. Write down your a plan or vision

Writing down a concrete plan on what actions that you intend to take to achieve these goals is the next step in goal setting and implementation.  As you develop a plan, you determine which goals are most important and which ones deserve the most time and energy. You will also determine exactly what specific actions and strategy you will be taking to achieve these goals.

#4. Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines for your goals and related actions is critical in effective goal setting and implementation. By setting deadlines, you are far more motivated to working on your goals in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring that you procrastinate as little as possible. Setting deadlines also allows you to measure your progress as you take steps towards achieving your goals.

#5 Seek Support

Getting the support of friends and family who will assist you towards achieving your goals can greatly contribute to your success in reaching your goals. Find support from those close to you in achieving your goals and get them to “buy in” and support you in implementing your goals. Such support can also serve the purpose of accountability. Your coach can offer the support and encouragement you need.

 #6. Get a successful mentor

Mentors can offer direct or indirect assistance. You can get direct advice from successful people, or indirectly through the motivation provided by their success. As Anthony Robbins said, “Success leaves clues, follow it”. Read books, listen to audio and video programs, attend seminars and get the benefit on offer from those who have been successful at what you want to do.

#7. Regular Review

It is important to have regular reviews of your goals and your progress in attaining your goals. Even if you have already set up the previous steps, it may be easy to lose sight of your goals as time passes by. By regularly reviewing your goals, you can monitor whether you are on target with your goals. If not, you can then adjust your actions in order to meet your goals.

#8. Be flexible

Every now and then, life will throw unexpected circumstances into the mix. You should always be flexible with your goals and your actions. Often times, circumstances occur which you didn’t or couldn’t possibly anticipate or plan for. Being flexible will your life easier and help you to be at peace with the unavoidable change to your goals.

#9. Make contingency plans

While there are circumstances that may come into play that you did not expect, it is always important to take reasonable precautions against adverse circumstances. For an entrepreneur, having someone who can take over your business or your work for you in cases of emergency is one example of contingency planning. Contingency plans allow for the successful progression towards attaining your goals, even in the event of unexpected setbacks.

#10. Take Action

You have heard it said before that talk is cheap. After all said and done, the rubber must hit the road. You must take action on your goals. After setting your goals and making your plans, take the first step towards achieving what you have set down to achieve. Taking action is a lot easier than you think. Take the first step today and see the results unfold.

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