5 Types of People You Want on Your Team

Leaders, these are the types of people you want on your team.

Organizations usually hire based on specific skills and accomplishments. But these things are only a result of important character traits that help create successful teams. Aside from checking for the lists and statistics in someone’s resume, be on the lookout for these key traits.

The Visionary

This person is the driving passion and inspiration of your team. His is a world of ideas – he sets the goals and has the ability to communicate them in a way that motivates other teammates to strive harder and be the best versions of themselves.  Even if this person seems to be shooting for the moon, he has the uncanny talent to make his vision seem concrete – the goal becomes achievable, and everyone else wants to level up just to get to that utopic future.  He’s also very influential in winning partners over to your side. A visionary with a high degree of positivitywill give your team a grand purpose.

The Realist

Every Visionary needs a counterpart to balance passion with reality. This is where the Realist comes in. This person may support the Visionary’s grand plan, but he’s also firmly grounded on your organization’s situation at present.  What’s the state of your finances? What are your strengths and weaknesses?  The Realist gives the brutal yet much-needed assessment. He is a crucial member who takes notes of the details others may have missed.

The Strategist

How do you get to your goal? This is where the Strategist comes in. He has a quick mind that has the ability to analyze and synthesize data.  He’s highly creative and resourceful, tapping on strengths and potential resources that you didn’t even know you had and seeing important connections that are invisible to most. He’s also very intuitive, gifted with correct timing and razor-sharp tactics based not just on facts but also on “gut feel.”

The Mentor

While the visionary motivates his team with his glib passion, the Mentor inspires by connecting with others on a very personal level. He is very discerning about the strengths and weaknesses of each of his teammates and knows exactly what to do to encourage them. The Mentor is generous with his time and his knowledge – he’s not afraid to go the extra mile to help a teammate who’s struggling and take a step back to give an opportunity for others to rise up.

The Administrator

Any team needs someone who will organize all details, gather everyone who’s involved in a project, and set all your plans into motion. The Administrator is the central personality in these tasks. Others will balk and become overwhelmed by all the minutiae that need to be taken note of in organizing events and projects, but the Administrator will thrive on the particulars.  You need him if you want to keep your organization sane.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it pretty much sums up key personalities you might not have considered before.